We help monetize your empty spaces

Bring your spaces to Spacehub network - we automate space rental process for you.

No more low utilisation rates and vacant spaces, maximise you real estate profits with us - monetise even the downtime between tenants!

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Benefits for real estate owners

Spacehub is a new service that is designed to make short to midterm space rental easy for real estate owners. It automates processes that are typically done by people and takes away actors that prevent short term and flexible space rental models.

New revenue streams

Generate new revenue stream from spaces that are between tenants or have been vacant for a while.

Capitalise on your existing real estate potential with short-term space rental whilst looking for long-term tenants.

Not just a marketplace

We offer your spaces to over 15 000 users who downloaded the Spacehub app.

On top of customer acquisition we enable space booking, payments and access control - all through the same app. We manage even cleaning and customer support for you.

Risk free

We believe in our service so you get it for use without additional fees or risks.

Our revenue share business model is based on solely in the additional business it generates making it a risk free and giving it near immediate ROI.

Juhani Rauhanen
Sales Manager
+358 44 493 2635

Let's keep in touch

If you have spaces that you want to connect to Spacehub or if you just want to hear more about the service and the potential contact our expert below.

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