For the forerunners of hybrid work – without fixed costs

Office 2.0: Hold on to your employees by providing them the best facilities for teamwork and focus - in city centers, near services.

There's no returning to the old office culture

Hybrid work, hastened by the corona epidemic, has changed companies' needs for office spaces towards a more flexible direction. Office is not seen as the sole place of working anymore, employees in increasing numbers choose where and how they work. Organizations enabling their employees with a multitude of hybrid working solutions are seen as modern employers, who know and understand the needs of their employees and care for their wellbeing.

Extension of your office

Try Spacehubs new, bigger meeting- and team spaces that function as an extension to your office, as well as a hybrid workplace option.

The will to move towards a hybrid working environment has arisen next to the traditional office centric space design.

Bring teams together

Professional work is often done in different teams, for whom it is not so important to work in the office, but in any space that allows cooperation. Spacehub's larger meeting rooms create the ideal environment for demanding work, customer meetings or training.

Riskless and scalable

The 1-10 ppl spaces of Spacehub-network cover 90% of the typical office space types. The booking process does not require quotations, catering or signing of contracts. The use, booking. opening and customer service all happen effortlessly through the mobile application.

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Sales Manager
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