Frequently asked questions

What happens if I overstay my reservation?

We will notify you when the reservation is about to end. Please vacate the Spacehub in a timely manner as there is likely to be the next customer waiting to enter. If you wish to continue enjoying the Spacehub then please use the “extend” option from the reservation summary within the Spacehub app.

How do I open the Spacehub door?

The Spacehub door can be opened using the Spacehub App. You can either click a button on your reservation (make sure your reservation has started) or manually use the QR in-app code reader to open the door.

Opening the door uses Bluetooth technology so please make sure you have enabled Bluetooth and given Spacehub App permissions to access Bluetooth.

Who should I contact about billing related issues?

Please contact support@getspacehub.com or Tel: +358 44 491 8790 if you need help with any subject matter.

What should I do if I find something left behind inside the Spacehub?

Please contact support@getspacehub.com or Tel: +358 44 491 8790 if you need help with any subject matter. You can also contact the venue information desk who will assist you further.

If there’s a problem who should I contact?

Please contact support@getspacehub.com or Tel: +358 44 491 8790 if you need help with any subject matter. You can also contact the venue information desk who will assist you further.

Can I use the power outlets and display inside the Spacehub?

Absolutely, these are provided for your convenience. Please note a Spacehub equiped with a display has a standard HDMI connection, some laptops and devices may require an adapter.

Can I invite a friend or colleague to join me?

Yes, you can also share a link to the Spacehub location on a map.

What is the cancellation policy?

Spacehub cancellation is free of charge up to the start of the reservation. If you cancel the reservation early after the reservation has started or do not arrive the total amount will be charged. The maximum possible charge is 49 euros for the entire day's booking.

What should I do when I leave the Spacehub?

Clean up after yourself, remember all your belongings and close the door firmly when you leave.

What should I do if I cant open the door?

**If the lock is not opening, restart Spacehub application and try again, if it still doesn't open then restarting your mobile phone can often help.**

The Spacehub application uses Bluetooth technology to open the Spacehub door. Make sure you enable Bluetooth and stand within a few meters of the Spacehub before you use the “Unlock” function within your booking. If nothing happens after a couple of attempts there could be another issue with the lock. Please contact customer support at support@getspacehub.com or Tel: +358 44 491 8790 for further assistance.

Is the Spacehub soundproof?

The Spacehub has excellent soundproofing, you will be able to hear yourself think and make those important calls.

What happens if I want to end my reservation early?

You can decide to end your reservation early, however no refunds will be issued when the booking has already started.

Where can I find a Spacehub?

You will find Spacehub™ in Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa shopping centers and main transport hubs, surrounded by your favorite services.

Check your nearest Spacehub location here.

How to redeem vouchers and invite codes

Invitation and promotion codes can only be redeemed once during the initial mobile number registration. Click "Add invitation code" found under where you enter your mobile number and key in the code before initial registration.

If you happen to miss this step then please contact us at support@getspacehub.com stating your mobile number and we will reset your account so you can try again.

Vouchers are redeemed from the main map view by clicking the QR code icon in the bottom left corner of the screen. Scan the QR code to add the voucher amount to your account.

Can I leave the Spacehub anytime during my reservation?

Yes, feel free to leave the Spacehub during your stay. Your mobile will gain you unlimited access during your reservation. Please note leaving personal belongings unattended in the Spacehub is at your own risk, Spacehub can not be held responsible for lost or stolen items.

Can I eat and drink inside the Spacehub?

Yes, but please clean up after yourself and try to avoid eating strong smelling food for everyone's consideration.

Can I extend my reservation?

Yes, from your reservation summary you can extend your reservation time. You can extend before and during your stay.

Is Spacehub Covid19 safe?

Preventing the spreading of Covid19 is each person's individual responsibility. Spacehub does not  guarantee safety but we have made all the efforts possible to help you stay safe. 

Spacehubs are equipped with highly powerful ventilation systems that can change the air inside a spacehub in upto 90 seconds making air inside it refresh during and between uses. 

Not to stop there, we have added antibacterial and antiviral surfacing to all surface inside Spacehub. This light activated surfacing does not just kill over 98% of viruses like influenza in 2h but also makes the air inside Spacehub even cleaner.

What is a Spacehub?

Spacehub is a service for anyone who wants to work or meet people outside of the office and home. It provides a safe working environment next to your favorite services. You can use Spacehub for professional or freetime use.

Spacehubs are designed for convenience and safety. Spacehub is a collaboration of multiple high tech and design companies all located in Finland. Materials and design are both for functionality and comfort.

Can I open the door from home or a distant location?

Unfortunately it is not currently possible, you must be within a few meters of the Spacehub to open the door. You must also have Bluetooth enabled and an ongoing reservation.

How do I book a Spacehub?

You can use the Spacehub app view all available locations of Spacehub spaces. You can either book them immediately or view and reserve Spacehubs for future. Advance bookings can be made up to 5 days in advance.