Spacehub 4/2022 Update

New features, improvements and spaces

We have three major updates sown into one with the latest release:

  1. With this update, we are happy to announce that the very first team spaces have been added to the Spacehub network! The two new spaces are available through the Spacehub app immediately and are our response to the much requested “bigger spaces”. With the capacity for 6 and 10 people, they work great for teams and focus work. Prices for the team spaces start at 30 €/hour with a 2-hour minimum booking. These spaces follow the same use logic as our pods have thus far; you can reserve, pay and unlock the space through the app, up to 5 days in advance. For more information on the 3rd party spaces please visit: Team space 10  (Eteläranta 20) or Team space 6 (Unioninkatu 19).
  1. Security deposit is now required for all new bookings. The deposit can only be completed with a credit card attached to your account. We at Spacehub aim to deliver a great, consistent user experience for all of our customers. With each booking, you can expect the same level of quality from the app and the spaces. The deposit will be returned to the customer after it’s been made sure that the Spacehub space was left in a clean, intact condition at the end of the booking, after 48 hours. The amount of the deposit varies between space types and the exact amount is shown before the final booking confirmation has been made. Any misuse of the Terms of service (Inside the app: Help -> Terms of Service) may result in losing the aforementioned deposit, and in case of severe misuse, in legal action.
  1. We are also very happy to share the new booking flow for all space types in the app! Finding a specific time slot for your need is way easier than before with the new view: Youtube link. You can also see with a glance how long the space you are interested in is available with a continuous reservation. The space opening hours remain the same (Weekdays 6:00 to 18:00).