Make the city your office

A new solution to challenges caused by remote work

Spacehub - Private, quiet work-and meetingspaces are now available to reserve from the Spacehub application. Spacehubs are already to be found in shoppingcenters in Helsinki, Vantaa and Espoo.

As an effect from the coronavirus, employers have moved from the office to work remotely from home. Working from home has a lot of advantages and especially the increased flexibility has been a big plus. Even if working remotely from home can work, it thus has its own challenges.

“Working from home or from a coffee shop nearby is not always the most effective and most comfortable solution. At home, the same space, there can be different distractions and company related secrets that can not be discussed. These challenges we wanted to solve from a new perspective” says Steerpath Oy's CEO Tuomas Ilola.

Spacehubs are quiet, private work-and meetingspaces created for remote work, client meetings and teleconferences. Spacehubs are placed in spaces where people normally spend their time - in shopping centers close to all service.

In total, there are now eight Spacehubs in Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa. Spacehubs can be found in, for example, shoppingcenter Ainoa, Kluuvi, Arabia and Hertsi. The amount of Spacehubs is growing all the time and in the end of May, there will be around 20. During the summer, the idea is to increase the amount even more and also to places outside of Uusimaa. Later also outside of Finland.

“Spacehub was launched in Finland, but we have already gained a global interest. During the summer we are planning to seek for investment in order to launch the concept abroad”, says Ilola.

Office in your back pocket - All through one application

In every Spacehub there is room for two persons and in the reservation there is included, depending on the model, charging sockets, a screen and an effective air-condition.

Spacehub has also taken into consideration the corona security. Both the insides and outsides of Spacehubs are covered with antibacterial spray and the air changes every 90 second. This means that the next person does not breath the same air.

Spacehub promise to make the rent of spaces as easy as it is to order a taxi or order food. Everything happens though one app. No key is needed, neither any physical contact. Spacehub is also using a user-based pricing. You only pay for the time you reserve.

Vacant work and meeting spaces can be seen in the application and through the application it is possible to reserve, open and pay for the spaces. A two-person Spacehub costs 10 € / h and 49 € / day. The shortest reservation time is 15 minutes and costs € 2.50. Spacehub has used the market's leading, invented map-, lock- and mobile technology, that is created in Finland.

Work is increasingly done remotely

Spacehub was created as a result of Steerpath Oy's development work. Steerpath specializes in mobile solutions for streamlining spaces. Steerpath combines, in its operations, reservation of spaces and new technologies such as smartlocks and mobile maps.

In the history of Spacehub lies the information that office work and the needs of employees have changed and will do so in the coming years. Efficient use of officespace is not enough, and in the future we will need, flexible solutions to support remote work and work from other places outside our own office.

The international megatrend of office work is that work is managed more and more remotely, and flexibility in working life is an even more important criterion than salary when choosing a workplace. Spaces that are rented on a monthly basis is not the future anymore, instead, an increasingly need for different kind of spaces that can be rented for even shorter periods. Spacehub is the continuation of the home office and the solution to the forgotten link in the hybrid work.